Group Of Four Watercolor Maps By Abraham Rex

Abraham Rex was born in Germantown, PA in 1778 and died in Schafferstown, PA in 1863. Rex was trained as a hatter and later ran the Franklin House hotel in Schafferstown, PA. This group of hand drawn maps was probably made in the second quarter of the 19th century. The group was found with other books and ephemera from Philadelphia dating from the second quarter of the 19th century. Four of the thirteen maps are signed by Abraham Rex. The maps will be offered individually, but are available as a group.The maps are in new frames, mounted on acid free paper, and protected with UV filter glass.

Indiana  W:  7 ½”  H:  8”  $350.00

Ohio  W:  8.2”  H:  8.”  SOLD

Pennsylvania  H:  9.5”  W: 7.25”  SOLD

Illinois  W:  7.5”  H:  7.75”  $350.00